4.1 Strategic objectives

The KION Group's top priority is to deliver a sustained increase in shareholder value. It has therefore set itself four strategic objectives:

1. Become the global market leader
2. Increase market share in the high-growth markets
3. Generate sustained growth above the rate of market growth
4. Achieve the best profitability in the sector

The KION Group is already the world's second largest supplier of industrial trucks. By building on its leading competitive position in Europe and achieving continuous growth in the key markets of eastern Europe, South America and Asia, the KION Group aims to become the provider with the largest market share in the sector over the coming years. Market-leading technologies and strong service expertise are creating the foundations for achieving this best-in-class position. The KION Group intends to continue extending its range of products and services so that it is always able to optimally satisfy the needs of the logistics markets.

At the same time, the Company is continually taking steps to further improve its efficiency and profitability. One such measure is the standardisation of processes and structures – where practical across all locations and brands. However, the Company ensures that, although aiming for the highest possible degree of standardisation, it always takes account of the individual logistics markets' regional characteristics. In the year under review, the KION Group also continued to systematically implement its KIARA performance enhancement programme, which it launched in 2009.

To provide practical support with achieving its objectives, the KION Group has defined four points of leverage. It applies these in strategic projects and initiatives that are always under the direct control of the Executive Board.

Diagram showing the strategy of the KION Group

Strategy of the KION Group (graph)

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