[25] Equity

Subscribed capital and capital reserve

As at the reporting date, the Company's subscribed capital was fully contributed and amounted to €500 thousand and was unchanged from prior year. Also, as in the previous year, capital reserve amounted to €348,483 thousand as at the reporting date. The capital reserve resulted from a capital contribution by a shareholder.

Retained earnings

The development of retained earnings is shown in the consolidated statement of changes in equity. The retained earnings comprise the net loss for the financial year and past contributions to earnings by the consolidated companies, provided they have not been distributed.

Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)

Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) includes the currency translation differences arising from the translation of the financial statements of foreign subsidiaries, the effects of the fair value measurement of deriva-tive financial instruments designated in cash flow hedge relationships, the company´s proportionate share of other comprehensive income adjustments related to equity investments, and the actuarial gains and losses in connec-tion with defined benefit pension obligations.

Non-controlling interests

Non-controlling interests in companies in the KION Group amounted to €7,077 thousand (31 December 2010: €7,070 thousand).

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