Company profile

Linde (Logo)

Linde is a global premium brand and a technology leader that has many years’ experience of hydrostatic drive technology. It has also been developing and manufacturing electric drive systems for decades and makes the resulting expertise available to external customers for use in a variety of applications.

STILL (Logo)

STILL is predominantly a global premium provider of trucks with electric and diesel-electric drives. It mainly focuses on the European and Latin American markets. Its portfolio consists of forklift trucks and warehouse trucks plus associated services. STILL has also positioned itself as a leading provider of intelligent intralogistics solutions.

Baoli (Logo)

The Baoli brand covers the value and economy segments in China and other emerging markets in Asia, eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America.

Fenwick (Logo)

In France, Linde products are sold under the Fenwick brand. Fenwick is the biggest material-handling provider in France. The product portfolio ranges from warehouse trucks to heavy trucks and caters to all of the major application areas. Fenwick and Linde meet customers’ most sophisticated requirements in terms of technology, efficiency, functionality and design.


In Italy, STILL products are sold under the OM STILL brand. OM STILL is a market leader in Italy and offers both trucks and fully integrated warehouse systems, including automation and fleet management solutions.

Voltas (Logo)

Voltas is a leading provider of industrial trucks in India. It manufactures diesel trucks, electric forklift trucks and warehouse trucks for the Indian market and can draw on a network of more than 50 dealers providing sales and service.

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