Research and development

Total spending on research and development came to €32.8 million in the first quarter of 2016 (Q1 2015: €30.7 million), which equates to 2.7 per cent of revenue. The number of full-time jobs in R&D stood at 1,053 as at 31 March 2016 (31 December 2015: 1,056).

The key R&D projects relating to the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, the modular and platform strategy, drive technology, automation and networking, and workplace safety and ergonomics continued in the first three months of 2016.

With its proprietary iGo neo CX 20 development, STILL has now for the first time gone into series production of robotics for intralogistics. The order picker, which was launched in March 2016, won the best product award in the ‘order-picking, conveying, lifting and warehouse technology’ category at the LogiMAT trade fair. Linde Material Handling has also expanded its robotics range, with two new models in the Linde-MATIC series making their debut at LogiMAT. The KION Group is aiming for all of the major product series to include an automated version in the medium term.

LMH also added new IC trucks in the 5 – 8 tonne load capacity range to its EVO series. The new trucks consume up to 20 per cent less fuel than their predecessors. Moreover, they produce fewer emissions than ever before thanks to more extensive exhaust aftertreatment.

The KION Group also forged ahead with the development of lithium-ion drive systems. STILL plans to showcase further warehouse technology models, tow tractors and its first counterbalance truck with lithium-ion batteries at CeMAT 2016 in May. In addition, LMH will present an electric forklift truck incorporating lithium-ion battery technology at its own trade fair, World of Material Handling, alongside the warehouse technology models. > TABLE 17

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