Annual Report 2017

Letter to shareholders

Rarely has there been such an exciting time to be fulfilling our customers’ needs in connection with material handling and intralogistics solutions. As well as becoming an increasingly prevalent part of our day-to-day lives, digitalisation has been firmly established in our industry for some time, too.

The past year has been another momentous one.

Gordon Riske Chief Executive Officer

Key Figures

Revenue 2017-2015

Revenue 2016-2014

Revenue by segment 2017

Revenue 2016 by customer location

Employees 2017-2015

Revenue by segment 2016

Adjusted EBIT 2017-2015

Employees 2016-2014

Adjusted EBIT margin 2017-2015

Employees 2016 by segment

Order intake 2017-2015

Adjusted EBIT 2016-2014
Key Figures

RESPONSE & Responsibility

  • What is bringing the world of tomorrow to today??
  • What is boosting green agriculture?
  • How is sun harnessed for production?
  • What can you do when your truck needs more than just a new coat of paint?
  • How is the workplace broadening horizons?
  • Who is giving opportunities to young women from India's rural areas?
  • How do you give something back?
  • How is it possible to collect plastic bottles and karma at the same time?
  • What’s that protecting man and machine?
  • How safe is safe?

When it comes to finding the right answers, the KION Group is ahead of the pack. Whether it’s with tailor-made intralogistics solutions – or in terms of sustainability.

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