4.1 Clear strategic objectives

The KION Group is committed to delivering a sustained increase in shareholder value. It has therefore set itself clear strategic objectives with which it can focus on sustained growth, efficiency and strong earnings. In the medium term, the KION Group aims to be the undisputed market leader and to use its strong competitive position to become the provider with the largest market share in the sector. It intends to expand its market share by exploiting its strong standing in its home markets as well as its excellent foothold in the high-growth markets. Before the crisis in 2009, the KION Group already had the highest profitability in the industrial trucks sector measured in terms of adjusted EBIT margin. The KION Group aims to maintain this leading position. Factors that will help achieve this objective are the KION Group's market-leading technologies, the high proportion of service business and, in particular, the initiatives launched in 2009 to boost performance, such as the relocation of products and plant closures.

To achieve its strategic objectives, the KION Group uses four strategic points of leverage. It will also continue to participate in global market growth – especially in the high-growth regions – by drawing on its strong market position in Europe. To penetrate the markets effectively, the KION Group pursues a multi-brand strategy that enables it to boost its market coverage in terms of customer needs, sales systems and regional requirements. Since it was founded, the KION Group has been successively leveraging potential synergies in the Group and continually improving its operational performance. The KION Group applies these points of leverage in strategic projects and initiatives over which individual members of the Executive Board have direct responsibility.

Diagram showing the strategy of the KION Group

Strategy of the KION Group (graph)
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