Regulatory situation

The companies in the KION Group have to comply with specific legal requirements in their markets with respect to their products and services. These requirements serve to minimise or eliminate the risks for users of the products and for other people, equipment and the immediate working environment. Moreover, they can also help to maintain the performance of the machines. The compliance of products and services with the different requirements has to be verified or certified.

KION has established processes aimed at implementing the legal requirements efficiently, documenting its compliance with them and incorporating any changes in the legal framework at an early stage of development. Many of the legal requirements are enshrined in product-specific and other standards (e.g. EN, ISO and DIN). KION endeavours to comfortably comply with the minimum standards defined for its products and services and, in some cases, surpass them.

KION responds to updates to the standards promptly. For example, as a result of the tighter emissions standards for forklift trucks fitted with an internal combustion engine, KION revised a number of product series last year so that they now comfortably meet the new requirements and their emissions are well below the maximum levels permitted (see Research and development section). This allows KION to differentiate itself from the competition and position itself as a technology leader. In addition, the KION Group is an active member of associations such as the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and its working groups in which it helps to continually enhance standards and regulations.

The construction and operation of production facilities are also subject to certain legal requirements, including in relation to avoidance of air pollution, noise reduction, waste production & disposal and health & safety. The KION Group has also established stable processes in this regard to ensure that it complies with the regulatory requirements. KION also fulfils all of the legal requirements pertaining to exports and financing business.

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