We are a leading global supplier of industrial trucks and related services. Our trucks and related services provide crucial links in our customers' worldwide supply and production chains. We benefit from leading market positions in many developed and growth markets, a global sales and service network, a multi-brand offering backed by a comprehensive product and service range and technological leadership. As the largest global pure play manufacturer of industrial trucks worldwide we offer our customers a full range of products including warehouse and counter-balance trucks with both internal combustion engines (IC-trucks) and electric motors (E-trucks), across the premium, value and economy segments. We are the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in Western and Eastern Europe and the second largest manufacturer globally in terms of unit sales in 2011. Our market share in Western Europe (including Turkey) was approximately 36% in 2012 (in the three-month period ended March 31, 2013: 37%) and our Eastern European market share (including Russia) was approximately 22% in 2012 (the three-month period ended March 31, 2013: 23%), with a global market share in 2012 of approximately 15% and a market share of above 40% in France and Germany. In China, we are the overall number three competitor and the largest non-domestic player. Other than in China and Eastern Europe, we are also a leading industrial truck manufacturer in other important growth markets such as South Asia and South and Central America (Source: calculated on the basis of World Industrial Truck Statistics, WITS/European Federation of Materials Handling, FEM). We operate 15 separate production sites and eleven sites with research and development activities. Our products are sold by more than 1,200 sales and/or service locations (owned or third party) in over 100 countries. As of March 31, 2013, we employed 21,421 employees (full time equivalent, FTE).

We complement our products with a comprehensive service offering geared to our customers' specific needs, including after-sales service and spare parts, financial services, fleet management and software solutions. Our service activities are an essential part of the value proposition for our customers that not only drive our new truck sales business but also generate higher margins and more stable revenue on a stand-alone basis. We benefit from an installed truck base of over one million trucks, generating replacement needs and service revenue.

We operate our business through our two global brands, Linde and STILL, and through our four regional brands, Fenwick (France), OM STILL (Italy), Baoli (mainly China and certain growth markets) and Voltas (India). We report and manage our business under two main operational segments: LMH (including the Linde, Fenwick and Baoli brands) and STILL (including the STILL and the OM STILL brands). Our financial services activities are combined in our new Financial Services segment. Central functions for our Group, the Voltas brand and other activities not allocated to the LMH and STILL segments are managed in our Other segment.

The principal geographical markets in which we offer our products are Western and Eastern Europe, China, India and South and Central America. We recently entered into a strategic industrial cooperation with Weichai Power Co., Ltd. ("Weichai Power", and together with its affiliates, the "Weichai Group"), a leading Chinese automotive and equipment manufacturer and a publicly listed company in Hong Kong, China, that is part of the state-owned Shandong Heavy Industry Group. Through this strategic partnership, we expect to gain additional access to key Asian growth markets by leveraging Weichai Group's strong local roots, relationships and distribution networks and we will have access to a larger supplier base throughout China and Asia.

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