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Active investor relations

The Executive Board and the KION Group’s investor relations team talked directly with investors and analysts on numerous occasions during the year. As well as attending a total of 15 investor conferences in Germany and abroad, they ran a multitude of roadshows and held a number of one-on-one meetings.

The KION Group’s first Capital Markets Day for analysts and investors, which was held in Mainz on 2 December, was also a focal point of investor activities. At the event, the Executive Board addressed the key aspects of the KION Group Strategy 2020 that had been announced during the year, explained them in detail and answered questions about the Group’s business model. To provide representatives from the capital markets with an insight into KION’s business, various forklift and warehouse trucks were put on display and shown in operation.

The first Annual General Meeting held by KION GROUP AG as a listed company took place on 19 May 2014 and was attended by around 150 shareholders. Those in attendance, representing 90.21 per cent of the voting share capital, approved all the draft resolutions put forward by the Company’s management with a large majority, including the resolution to distribute a dividend of €0.35 per share. The total dividend payout of €34.5 million was equivalent to a dividend payout rate of roughly 25 per cent of net income. Other agenda items related to approval of the Executive Board remuneration system and the creation of authorised and conditional capital – equating in total to 10 per cent of the existing share capital – with the option of excluding pre-emptive rights. The speeches of the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the Supervisory Board were broadcast live at A webcast of the Chief Executive Officer’s speech is also available on the Company’s website.

Each of the KION Group’s financial reports was explained in detail. The Executive Board of KION GROUP AG had presented the key aspects of the KION Group Strategy 2020 during a conference call on 20 March 2014 when the 2013 annual report was published, and the strategy was also one of the key themes of the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Board held update calls to report on each set of quarterly results. The transcripts from the quarterly update calls along with the presentations form part of the extensive information for investors available on the Company’s website at

Data about KION shares and bonds, press releases and presentations as well as information about the Annual General Meeting and corporate governance within the Group can be found at You can register for the IR newsletter under IR Contact & Services, which will enable you to receive our press releases and more. The contact details of the IR team and the financial calendar can also be found here. The KION Group’s financial reports are available both as PDF files and as interactive online versions. They also contain a download section where, for example, you can download all of the tables as an Excel file.