Supervisory Board remuneration

Remuneration system

The Supervisory Board’s remuneration is defined in article 18 of KION GROUP AG’s articles of incorporation. Members of the Supervisory Board receive fixed remuneration plus reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. The annual remuneration amounts to €45,000 for ordinary members of the Supervisory Board, €75,000 for the deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board and €105,000 for the chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Additional remuneration is paid for being a member or chairman of a committee, although this does not apply in the case of the Nomination Committee or the Mediation Committee pursuant to section 27 (3) German Codetermination Act (MitbestG). The annual remuneration for members of a committee is €8,000, while the chairman of a committee receives double this amount.

If a member of the Supervisory Board or one of its committees does not hold their position for a full financial year, remuneration is reduced pro rata temporis.

The members of the Supervisory Board receive an attendance fee of €1,250 per day for meetings of the Supervisory Board and its committees, although they only receive this amount once if they attend more than one meeting on the same day.

The Company reimburses each member for any VAT incurred in connection with his or her remuneration.

A D&O insurance policy without an excess has been taken out for the members of the Supervisory Board.

Remuneration paid to members of the Supervisory Board in 2015

The total remuneration paid to the Supervisory Board in 2015 was €1,209,342. Of this amount, €1,056,325 was attributable to remuneration for activities carried out by the Supervisory Board. The remuneration paid for committee work (including attendance fees) totalled €153,017. The following table shows the breakdown of remuneration paid to each Supervisory Board member for 2015: > TABLE 010

Supervisory Board remuneration



Fixed remuneration

Committee remuneration

Attendance fee

Total remuneration

Dr John Feldmann (chairman)





Joachim Hartig (deputy chairman)





Birgit Behrendt




Holger Brandt




Dr Alexander Dibelius





Wolfgang Faden




Denis Heljic





Johannes P. Huth





Jiang Kui





Olaf Kunz





Jörg Milla




Özcan Pancarci




Kay Pietsch

€ 45,000




Hans Peter Ring

€ 45,000




Alexandra Schädler

€ 45,000




Tan Xuguang

€ 65,838



Hans-Peter Weiß

€ 41,178



Xu Ping

€ 65,838








In 2015, no company in the KION Group paid or granted any remuneration or other benefits to members of the Supervisory Board for services provided as individuals, such as consulting or brokerage activities. Nor were any advances or loans granted to members of the Supervisory Board.