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Active investor relations

The objective of investor relations is to ensure, through continuous dialogue, that the capital markets value the Company appropriately. The Executive Board and the KION Group’s investor relations team continued their active dialogue with investors and analysts last year. Overall, the KION Group participated in 17 investor conferences in Germany and abroad, ran a multitude of roadshows and held a number of one-on-one meetings.

On 12 November 2015, the Executive Board of the KION Group welcomed around 20 equity analysts to the KION Analyst Day, which was held at Linde Material Handling’s site in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. The brokerage houses, which regularly write reports on the KION Group, took this opportunity to find out at first hand about the Strategy 2020 and progress on its implementation.

Around 120 shareholders participated in the Annual General Meeting of KION GROUP AG on 12 May 2015. Those in attendance, representing 80.4 per cent of the voting share capital, approved all the draft resolutions put forward by the Company’s management with a substantial majority, including the resolution to distribute a dividend of €0.55 per share. The total dividend payout of €54.3 million was equivalent to a dividend payout rate of roughly 31 per cent of net income. The speeches of the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the Supervisory Board were broadcast live at A webcast of the Chief Executive Officer’s speech is also available on the Company’s website.

Each of the KION Group’s financial reports was explained in detail. At publication of the 2014 annual report, the Executive Board of KION GROUP AG held a conference call to present the steps already taken to implement the Strategy 2020 plus the planned future milestones. In addition, the Executive Board held update calls to report on each set of quarterly results. The transcripts of the conference call on the 2014 financial year and the quarterly update calls along with the presentations form part of the extensive information for investors which is available on the Company’s website.

Detailed information on KION shares, press releases, reports and presentations as well as information about the Annual General Meeting and corporate governance in the Group can be found at The KION Group’s annual report is also available here, both as a PDF file and as an interactive online version. A printed copy of the annual report can be ordered under IR Contact & Services. The contact details of the IR team are also provided here.