[50] Events after the reporting date

In January 2017, the term of the revolving credit facility of €1,150.0 million agreed under the SFA was extended by a year, which means the KION Group can now utilise this credit facility until February 2022.

Furthermore, in February 2017, KION GROUP AG partly refinanced the bridge loan that it had taken out for the acquisition of Dematic. The outstanding amount of tranche A2 of €343.2 million, which was agreed under the AFA, was repaid in full. Of the total amount of tranche B under the AFA, amounting to €1,200.0 million, an amount of €611.8 million was repaid. The bridge loan was refinanced by promissory notes (Schuldscheindarlehen) amounting to €958.0 million. The promissory notes are repayable as bullet payments on maturity in May 2022, April 2024 or April 2027 and have a fixed or floating-rate coupon. They are not collateralised.