Level of orders

Order intake increased to €5,699.5 million, which was up by 40.7 per cent compared with the prior-year period due to organic growth and acquisitions (Q1 – Q3 2016: €4,050.4 million excluding Dematic). The order intake of the Industrial Trucks & Services segment amounted to €4,279.9 million, a significant year-on-year rise of 9.2 per cent (Q1 – Q3 2016: €3,919.4 million). The Supply Chain Solutions segment, which comprises Dematic (since November 2016) including Egemin Automation and Dematic Retrotech (since March 2016), recorded project orders totalling €1,406.3 million (Q1 – Q3 2016: €117.9 million). At €2,186.4 million, the KION Group order book was slightly below the high level seen at the end of last year (31 December 2016: €2,244.7 million).