Annual Report

Letter to shareholders

As proud as we are of these achievements, we are not content to let them be our only successes as we continue on our path towards the future of intralogistics. With every innovation, we create important new benefits that give our customers a competitive edge. This is what drives us.

With important capital expenditure we are laying the foundations for success in the years ahead.

Gordon Riske Chief Executive Officer

Key Figures

Revenue 2018-2016

Revenue by segment 2018

Employees 2018-2016

Adjusted EBIT 2018-2016

Adjusted EBIT margin 2018-2016

Order intake 2018-2016

Key figures for 2017 were restated due to the initial application of IFRS 15 and IFRS 16

Key Figures

Digital and Beyond

  • Kion Digital Campus

    The innovation lab for the digital revolution.

    Patrick Tomczak and his team are working on the future of intralogistics
  • Industrial indoor localisation

    A map for trucks.

    Digital maps that simplify processes and allow trucks to find their routes

    Software that speeds up processes

    Machine learning that enables sophisticated product recognition and high throughput of goods

    Progress through networking.

    Data analysis, cloud architecture and networked machines represent a paradigm shift

    Simulations provide planning certainty.

    Proactive warehouse management using innovative software solutions

Digitalisation is a key field of action of our KION 2027 strategy, and we are transforming the Company in order to remain the market leader in a digital world. We are developing digital solutions that improve the efficiency of our customers’ intralogistics and digitalising our internal processes to increase our performance. The growing use of digital technologies is also the focus of our research and development activities, through which we are defining and shaping the future of intralogistics – from conventional to digital and beyond.

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