Level of orders

The value of the KION Group’s order intake in the first nine months of this year came to €7,928.8 million and was thus 13.6 percent lower than the exceptionally high figure for the corresponding period of 2022 of €9,172.1 million.

In the Industrial Trucks & Services segment, order intake amounted to €5,713.9 million. This was down by a substantial 15.1 percent compared with the figure of €6,732.1 million reported for the prior-year period, when customers had brought forward their orders in response to the persistent supply chain disruptions and announcement of price rises. As expected, the number of new trucks ordered in the reporting period was lower than the exceptionally high number recorded in the prior-year period. The service business achieved a healthy uptick in orders during all three quarters.

In the Supply Chain Solutions segment, order intake fell by 9.5 percent to €2,243.0 million (Q1–Q3 2022: €2,479.6 million). Although a large customer order was received in the APAC region in the third quarter of 2023, customer demand in the project business (business solutions) was very muted, reflecting the situation in the global market for warehouse automation solutions. The segment generated an increase in order intake in its service business during the nine-month period, benefiting from the maintenance, modernization, and modification of the solutions already installed for customers.

Although the KION Group managed to reduce the level of orders on hand over the course of the year, the order book was still at the high level of €6,634.5 million as at the reporting date (December 31, 2022: €7,077.8 million).