Acting responsibly is one of the principles by which the KION Group and its brand companies operate. They strive for a balance between environmental, economic and social considerations in their business activities. This focus on sustainability is reflected in the Group’s eco-friendly and safe products that help customers to conserve energy, reduce emissions and comply with strict workplace safety standards (see the ‘Research and development’ section). Furthermore, the KION Group ensures that its production processes have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible and that it offers safe and discrimination-free working conditions.

The first groupwide sustainability report was published in the year under review. As well as comprehensive information on strategy, the management approach and structures for sustainability, the report contains data on relevant key performance indicators. The report to be published in 2018 (see: will also include the KION Group’s non-financial declaration as required under the German law to implement the CSR directive. For this reason, the KION Group has not provided detailed information in the 2017 combined management report.