Level of orders

In the third quarter, the KION Group was able to maintain the strong growth achieved in the first half of the year. Order intake rose by 11.8 per cent to €6,369.3 million in the nine-month period (Q1 – Q3 2017: €5,699.5 million). Excluding negative currency effects of €183.0 million, the rise was 15.0 per cent. At €4,486.4 million, order intake in the Industrial Trucks & Services segment was up by 4.8 per cent on the prior-year period (Q1 – Q3 2017: €4,279.9 million). The main contributor to this strong growth was the EMEA region, where business remained brisk. The Supply Chain Solutions segment saw a further significant rise (32.9 per cent) in the value of its order intake from the project business (business solutions) and the service business, to reach a total of €1,868.9 million (Q1 – Q3 2017: €1,406.3 million). Having leaped up in the second quarter, order intake again increased substantially in the third quarter. The KION Group’s order book expanded by 23.6 per cent to reach a total of 3,232.4 million (31 December 2017: €2,614.6 million).