Highlights of Q1 – Q3 2020

KION Group generates consistently strong level of order intake in the first nine months of 2020

  • Total value of order intake rises by 2.8 percent year on year to €6.715 billion, despite the coronavirus pandemic
  • At €4.144 billion, the order book is up by 14.1 percent compared with the end of 2019
  • Revenue decreases by 8.0 percent to €6.000 billion due to the crisis
  • Adjusted EBIT falls sharply year on year to €363.8 million (Q1–Q3 2019: €624.7 million)
  • Adjusted EBIT margin declines from 9.6 percent to 6.1 percent
  • Net income for the period remains well into positive territory at €132.5 million
  • Free cash flow amounts to minus €114.3 million (Q1–Q3 2019: €53.0 million), partly due to acquisitions
  • Funding structure strengthened by successful placement of a bond of €500.0 million on the capital markets
  • Outlook for 2020 confirmed and quantified