Level of orders

The KION Group’s order intake amounted to €5,881.7 million, which was 33.7 percent higher than the figure for the prior-year period (H1 2020: €4,400.1 million). This exceptionally strong increase was primarily a reflection of pent-up demand in the Industrial Trucks & Services segment. In particular, the pandemic-related restrictions in place in 2020 resulted in a significant boost to demand in the current reporting period. The effect of customers bringing forward their purchases in anticipation of global supply bottlenecks and significantly longer lead times also had a positive impact. The segment was able to almost fully exploit this considerable market growth, with its order intake improving by 51.0 percent to €4,021.1 million (H1 2020: €2,663.4 million). Order intake in the Supply Chain Solutions segment came to €1,868.8 million, which was up by 7.2 percent on the very strong figure of €1,743.9 million reported for the first half of 2020.

Currency effects reduced the value of the KION Group’s order intake by a total of €115.4 million.

At €5,409.0 million, the Group’s order book was up by 21.8 percent compared with the end of 2020 (December 31, 2020: €4,441.3 million). The Industrial Trucks & Services segment made the biggest contribution to this growth.