Fundamentals of the KION Group

Management and control

Olaf Kunz has been an employee representative on the Supervisory Board of KION GROUP AG since 1 September 2014. Thilo Kämmerer stepped down from the Supervisory Board with effect from 31 August 2014.

Strategy of the KION Group

Implementation of the Strategy 2020, which was first presented in March 2014, continued according to plan in the third quarter. The KION Group aims to leverage its strong global position and cross-brand synergies even more effectively and to become the industry leader worldwide. Further details on this strategy were provided in the 2014 half-year report.

At the same time, the KION Group is investing in the optimisation of its European plant structures in order to make them more competitive and cost-efficient. This will involve spending a total of more than €80 million on the plants in Aschaffenburg (Linde Material Handling) and Hamburg (STILL) up to and including 2021. The KION Group is also investing around €12 million on a new plant in Plzeň (Czech Republic). Production is scheduled to start in 2016 and will initially focus on existing warehouse technology products. Later on, the new plant should enable the KION Group to supply trucks for the economy and volume segments – particularly to markets in eastern and southern Europe – more effectively and efficiently.

The KION Group’s company profile is unchanged compared with the description in the 2013 group management report. The description of the management system also remains the same.