Acting sustainably and responsibly is one of the key principles by which the KION Group operates. The Group’s focus on sustainability is reflected in its safe and clean products, in its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and in the safe and non-discriminatory working environment it provides. The KION Group and its Operating Units strive for a balance between environmental, economic and social considerations in their activities. This is the basis upon which sustainability is enshrined in the KION 2027 strategy. The KION Group’s values also have a clear link to sustainability.

In 2018, the KION Group took part in CDP’s climate change survey for the first time. Once a year, the Company will voluntarily provide information regarding its climate protection activities to CDP. The KION Group was also awarded a sector-specific ‘prime status’ in a ranking by ISS-oekom, which specialises in identifying sustainability-related investment opportunities and risks. The objective is to be categorised as a sustainable investment for environmentally conscious investors.

As well as comprehensive information on strategy, the management approach and structures for sustainability, the groupwide 2018 sustainability report which will be published in April of 2019, contains data on relevant key performance indicators. It also contains the KION Group’s non-financial declaration as required under German law. For this reason, the KION Group has not provided detailed information in the 2018 combined management report.