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Active investor relations

The KION Group continued to expand its investor relations work in 2021 with the objective of ensuring, through continuous dialog, that the capital markets value the Company appropriately. The Executive Board and the investor relations team were available for even more active, direct communications with investors and analysts, despite the ongoing restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, the KION Group participated in 23 investor conferences and provided information about the KION Group’s performance during one-on-one meetings and twelve roadshow days. In this context, the KION Group participated in a conference focusing on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects for the first time.

The Annual General Meeting of KION GROUP AG, held on May 11, 2021, was watched by around 300 people. A total of 84.1 percent of the share capital was represented. In line with the German COVID-19 Measures Act, the meeting was again held as a purely virtual event. Questions could be submitted online by May 9, 2021 and were answered individually during the meeting. There were no countermotions, nominations, or requests for additions to the agenda. The complete webcast of the Annual General Meeting can be accessed from the KION Group’s website.

To coincide with the publication of the 2020 annual report on March 2, 2021, the Executive Board of KION GROUP AG held a financial statements press conference and conference call to explain the results. At a Virtual Analyst & Investor Event for financial analysts, institutional investors, and bank representatives on November 3, the Executive Board introduced the value drivers in the operating segments and the resulting medium-term targets for 2023 both at Group level and for each Operating Unit. In addition, the Executive Board held conference calls to report on each set of quarterly results. Transcripts from the annual and quarterly conference calls, along with the associated presentations, form part of the extensive information for analysts and investors that is available on the Company’s website.

Information on the website

Detailed information on KION shares as well as press releases, reports, presentations, and information about the Annual General Meeting can be found at The KION Group’s annual report is also available here, both as a PDF file and as an interactive online version. The contact details of the investor relations team can be found under IR Contact. Information on corporate governance, the sustainability report and the remuneration report of the Group are published at,, and