Market position

In 2020, the Industrial Trucks & Services segment had a 12.1 percent share of the global market based on order intake measured by the number of units (2019: 14.2 percent). This contraction is largely due to the growing competition from Chinese companies, particularly when it comes to entry-level trucks in the warehouse technology segment. Measured in terms of units sold in 2020, KION is the number one in the European market for industrial trucks. In China, it is still the leading non-domestic manufacturer in terms of revenue and number three overall.

The Supply Chain Solutions segment (Dematic) is the biggest provider in the global market for warehouse automation, based on 2019 revenue figures. This is supported by data from 2020 gathered by Interact Analysis. Studies by Interact Analysis in 2019 also rank Dematic as the leading vendor in the fast-growing AGV and AMR segment and, in 2020, in the automation of micro-fulfillment centers.